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Daniel A. Benn


Hello!  My name is Daniel Benn and I am currently a senior at James Madison University.  I will graduate this May as a double major with a Bachelor of Arts in both Corporate Communication and Spanish.  My mission, simply put, is to gain full time employment.  My dream, however, is to work somewhere where I can put my skills in research, writing, leading and relationship building to work.  I want a team environment where I can put these skills to use, so I can develop professional relationships that will foster company growth.

Here is a link to my paper resume, which details my qualifications more explicitly.

Work Experience

My work experience has allowed me to lead, manage, and collaborate.  As a swim instructor, I had to pursue and maintain my own clients, and run the private business without the help of the pool I worked for.  This taught me how to deal with customers who were difficult to handle, and how to be accountable in a professional relationship.   As a sales representative for College Works Painting, I had to be creative in my approach on how to improve our branch of the company.  I was responsible for marketing, cold calling and canvassing to attract potential leads, and hiring new painters and other sales representatives.  This taught me a lot on how to get past any discomfort of approaching strangers, and how to strategically think in a way that would benefit the company.


I love being involved on campus, as much as time allows for.  I have always sung, and in College that continued when I joined the Madison Project, JMU’s premier all male a capella group.  As a Junior, I was elected Treasurer, and was responsible for the budgeting etc. of the organization and this year, as a Senior, I am the President.  This year, I set an agenda for the group that I will push us to accomplish, which can be seen here.  We have already set up an endowment fund, our initiation program was complete and successful, and we will have a CD produced by the end of this year. The experiences I have already had have made me grow so much as an individual and as a leader.  The group has changed me for the better, and below is just a taste of who we are (I speak about the group around 8:05 and then again at 11:30)

I also have a passion for language.  Travelling to Madrid this past summer was a trip of self discovery, and it helped me learn how to be independent and functional in a foreign atmosphere.  Being thrown into a different language and culture was one of the most rewarding things I have ever been a part of.

Below is a nighttime picture I took of la Plaza de los Cibeles, in the center of Madrid

This next picture is one I took of Toledo, which overlooked the ancient river Tajo, a former shipping lane important to the Roman civilization that harbored in the city.

I am also passionate about my school.  JMU has proven to be the perfect place for me, and the only way I could truly give back was by being a First Year Orientation Guide this past summer.  I was chosen to lead and foster first-year students in their transition to university life, and was given the privilege of facilitating group discussion, leading students to events, and encouraging unity in diversity.  This experience gave me increased confidence in my leadership skills and was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Another notable interest is my dedication to service work.  Over the years I have participated in child care through organizations such as Second Home here in Harrisonburg, charity and advocacy events such as Relay for Life, the 30 Hour Famine, the CROP walk, and volunteer trips to Belize, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.  In each my time and dedication has been rewarded with tangible benefits to local communities and organizations that need help.

Notable Class Experience

SPAN 335, 320, 370 and 375, 307 and 308

In these Spanish classes, my understanding and grasp of the language grew exponentially.  I learned about Spanish literature, medical terminology in Spanish, Latin American and Spanish civilizations and drug trafficking and its pervasiveness in Latin American culture.  I have an example here of some of my writing for one of these classes, my analysis of the Chilean legend, Pablo Neruda.  My grasp of the language has grown leaps and bounds, and was also aided by the study abroad program that I participated in this past summer in Madrid.

SMAD 210 and 311

These classes were both focused on general and feature writing techniques.   Though I am not a journalism major, these classes helped me write more concisely and with more style.  One of my articles, called  JMU is Going Green, so Where are the Buses? was well regarded enough by my Professor to be suggested for publishing in our college newspaper, the Breeze.
Other SMAD classes

In SMAD 370, Mass Communication Law, I learned how to analyze and review court cases.  Poring over legal text, like I did to analyze New York v. P.J. Video, Inc. improved my critical reading skills and my precision writing.  In SMAD 373, Media Analysis and Criticism, I was responsible for picking topics in Media to research and analyze.  For example, after watching The Insider a popular 1999 film I wrote an essay connecting that to The Merchants of Doubt a book analyzing scientists who worked for cigarette companies and other sources of misinformation.


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